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It is still a but rough, but I’m working on I! We have a forum among other things just waiting to be filled with your and my wisdom. And I am of course working on more video content, it is just that I have a barn roof that needs addressing before anything really. In the meantime, head over to the forum and post your projects and images etc. Do you already have project threads at other forums? No problem, it’s fine to post a link as long as it isn’t required to sign up in order to see the thread. Come pn over to THE PARADISE GARAGE!

The Paradise Garage Show: Measuring Pistons – How To!

When rebuilding an engine, or building a new one from new or renovated parts it is important to know that all parts are within spec. Here I show you how to measure your pistons to see if they are within the recommended measurements!

You will see: it is easier than you think! All you need is a micrometer of the right size, a pencil and a piece of paper! 🙂

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