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This site is home to FT Team racing team and The Paradise Garage Show.
FT Team hasn’t been involved in racing for a while, but that might change sooner or later. The main focus now is the Youtube channel called The Paradise Garage Show, the name is to honor the break through dance club with the same name and because the owner of the site and channel is a huge household and also loves disco and the friendly atmosphere that is typical for uplifting/soulful house and disco clubs. And The Paradise Garage is all about having fun and being yourself!

About me, Peter Lindberg:
I’m a commercial photographer and filmmaker born in 1970 with a huge interest in cars, engines and racing as well as house music and disco. I’m also a climate activist and I am all for trying to make the smallest possible CO2 footprint of my hobby and myself, so expect stuff on how to run your enthusiast car on E85 or similar, and what to think about when working on cars in order to minimize your environmental footprint.

Both me, the team and the channel resides in western Sweden. And if you didn’t know; Sweden is a haven for those of us who like to modify cars. Most European countries (like Germany, where you can get huge fines or have your car impounded and scrapped for having non TÜV.approved parts on your car) doesn’t allow any modification of your car. If the car is once registered in Sweden, it must be allowed to be registered in any other EU country, so you Europeans: if you want the cooles ride in the city, come here and buy one! 😉

Contact & practical info

Peter Lindberg – info[a]
Telephone: +46(0)703-757375


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  1. Hej,
    Såg att ni hade tre hjulsidor till Volvo 240 14″ till salu i en gammal annons.
    Finns de kvar?

    Per-Åke Rydgård

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