Stay Tuned: Paradise Garage Youtube Channel!

Youtube Channel “Paradise Garage Show” coming soon!

Let me say like this: Motoring and cars going faster than they were supposed to has been all me ever since I got my first push-cart! And now is the time to get things online! Tarmac Life is all about mine and your’s car-projects! This channel will feature my Seven/LMP-build, my buddies different projects, rad projects from around Sweden, Germany and Italy. And maybe YOUR project! If it is good enough, we’re gonna come visit, as long as it is in within reach for us.

So who am I, the master of Tarmac Life Paradise Garage, the LeadFoot Genral? Well… I’m a 46 year old, never grown up, family father from Sweden who BURNS for racing and environmental issues. As you figure, our own projects will run on booze or electricity or maybe frying oil.

The projects we will start off with:

#1 -. The LinMP-7. My very own Lotus Seven/LoCost derivate that got sort of overboard. 700 kgs, turbo, aero…

#2 – My buddy Jörgens Porsche 911T build. Starts off as a good shell and many components. I’m gonna nag Jörgen into going bio and MORE HP! Should he go turbo? Let us know!

#3 – My old Volvo 945 Polar B200FT Italian turbo wagon. Upgraded Turbo, booze (E85), clutch, dyno-tuning… Sleeper it will be, Goal? 250-300 hp. Long term? High compression (11/1) B230 block for more drivability and less fuel-consumption.. and MORE power 😀

#4 – Numerous service-jobs on different cars

#5 – The best TIPS for common car troubles. 🙂

See ya soon!