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The Paradise Garage Show: Episode 3

More on the engine rebuild, still taking things part. This time pistons come out.

The Paradise Garage Show: Measuring Pistons – How To!

WHne rebuilding an engine, ro building a new one from new or renovated parts it is important to know that all parts are within spec. Here I show you how to measure your pistons to see if they are within the recommended measurements!

You will see: it is easier than you think! All you […]

The Name is: The Paradise Garage TV!

Between getting the idea and registering the channel, and now, when I had actual material to publish, the dittwits at Youtube removed my account withe old name due to inactivity. Of course someone else nicked the name. So here is The Paradise Garage!

#theparadisegarageshow #theparadisegaragetv #porsche #saab #tuning #911T #9-5 #volvo #940polar #turbo #rebuild […]

Video! Porsche Engine Tear Down!!

I got the honor to renovate my buddy’s 911T engine, so the first video is hereby presented!

Comment, share subscribe, the bell… ya’ll know the drill!

#porsche #911T #2.2l #video #autonerdery


Vi söker sponsorer!

Även om vårat race-åkandet är av amatör-karaktär så finns det alltid plats för reklam på bilen! Kompensation kan ges i form av däck, bränsle, hjälp, motordelar osv osv. Maila oss på info[a] om du vill vara med! //Peter – Teamchef

Nytändning för 2010! FT Racing är tillbaka!

Nytändning på alla cylindrarna i FT Racing 2010!!! […]